annnelises asked: Sdv?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand you.

joseph13343 asked: as far as i know they don't but i love my nissan GT-R!! i first thought they came with bigger engines then a v-6 because the are a super car as like the lotus they only come with a v-6 and I've heard rumors of them also having a 4-banger but if i am the only one saying they are fast as fuck for only having a v-6 then y'all are blind lol

Well shit, I’m jelly.

krnandy asked: and G's :D

I don’t think so haha. Sorry!

jeromewaitforitcasio asked: Any Z's?

None yet, but soon, hopefully.

Anonymous asked: i don't know about a Murcielago’s V12 those engines are really heavy and you gonna put it into a car thats almost completely composed of carbon fiber and molded sheet metal? i would honestly go with a AMS TUNED nissan GT-R v6 the ones that get 2000 horse power so you have more of a weight reduction going into a tuned v6 then a tuned v12

I’m not trying to chase performance, I’m trying to chase sound. I’d also rather have UGRs V10 engine upgrade and the costs would be the same. Good V10 sound + 2000hp. I’m not saying the AMS isn’t an option. AMS tuned performance is epic, especially with their dedication for making strong parts that work with launching from a dig as well. I don’t think the UGR Gallardos can do that.